Thursday, December 15, 2016

Unit 2, Lesson 4: Growth and Change in Maryland Part 2

Changes in Industry

Open your book to page 64. Now watch this video.

Now read p. 64. As you read write the definitions in your journal for Industrial Revolution and mill. When you finish reading and writing definitions answer this question in your journal.

Number these events 1-3 in the order that they happened. Write them in order in your journal.

____________. As businesses grew, there were more jobs in Baltimore.

____________ Many people moved to Baltimore.

___________ Baltimore became an important port.

Now watch this video.

Now read page 65 in the text. Be sure to write the definition for canal in your journal.

Now look at the map on page 65. Tell me how you would travel from Elkton in northeastern Maryland to Cumberland. Tell me the mode of transportation and what town you would travel from. For example your trip could start with you taking a boat from Elkton to Baltimore or you could ride a coach from Elkton to Baltimore too. Now describe the rest of the trip! Write your answer in your journal and be ready to discuss it in class.

Unit 2, :Lesson 4: Growth and Change in Maryland Part 1

Part 1: pp. 62-63 Maryland and the War of 1812

Watch this video....

Or if this is too silly then check out this one.

Now read pp. 62-63 and answer the question at the bottom of page 63. Write three causes (what started the war) of the War of 1812 and circle one effect (what it caused) of the war. Write your answer in your journal.

If you finish early go on to the next page and read about Changes in Maryland Industry and about its roads, canals, and railroads.