Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chapter 17, Lesson 2, Pt 1: What patterns can you see in the sky?

Let's start this lesson by talking.  Turn to your partner and explain what you know about patterns and what patterns in the sky could be.  Be ready to share with the class.

Today and tomorrow we'll be looking at various patterns in the sky.  Today we'll focus on the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  Later we'll look at the stars!

I want you to pair off with a neighbor and do some research to answer the questions below. One of you will be the recorder and write down answers to these questions as you go.  

1.  What causes the apparent repeated changes of the Moon's shapes?

2.  What is an eclipse and how is lunar eclipse different from a solar eclipse?

Here are some videos, pictures, and text references to help you answer the question. Focus on answering the questions, not on watching/looking at the resources below.  Write down answers as you find them!  Jot down the answers and be ready to turn them in by the end of class. Be sure to jot down vocabulary words that you don't have and define them in your journal as you go!

You can find text on this on pp. 500-503.  Pages 500-501 are about the Moon and its shapes.  Pages 502-503 are about eclipses

Here's a video about the moon and its phases.

This video is about what eclipses are.

This video shows you what the moon looks like during its various phases.

More on eclipses.

Here are some pictures to look at:

Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Phases of the Moon

More on phases  

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