Monday, December 21, 2015

Chapter 18, Lesson 2: Inner Planets.

Before you get started with exploring the inner planets of our solar system go to page 522, jot down and define the vocabulary words, and look over the pictures and "fact charts" on each of the inner planets.  Make a list of their names and an interesting fact or two about each.



Space Probes



Now look over pp. 522-523.  Read over Mercury and Venus then look at the pictures and videos below.


Mercury video


Venus video

Answer these questions in your journal:
1.  What are some reasons why people cannot live on Mercury or Venus?
2.  How much farther from the Sun is Venus than is Mercury?

Look over pp. 524-525.  Read about Earth and the Moon then look at the pictures and videos below.


Earth Video

The Moon (Luna)

The Moon (Luna) Video

Now answer this question in your journal:
1.  What make life possible on Earth?

Look over pp. 526-527 about Mars.  Then look at the video and picture below.


Mars Video

Answer these last questions in your journal:
1.  Why is the soil on Mars red?
2.  What characteristics do Earth and Mars have in common?
3.  What might scientists predict if the rovers find water on Mars?

Think you're ready?  Now take the quiz!! You'll see these questions again in our class quiz!

Lesson 2 on-line quiz

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