Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chapter 18, Lesson 4 Outer Planets

Now it's time to wrap-up our survey of the planets of our solar system.  Turn to page 534 and read 534-535.  Be sure to check out the facts chart on Neptune then answer the checkpoint question.

Checkpoint Question:  How does Neptune compare in size to the other planets?

Go ahead and check out the video. 


Now turn to p 536.  Read p536-537 about Pluto, its odd orbit, and about objects beyond Pluto.  By the way, what's the name of the object the book calls 2003 UB313?  Now answer the checkpoint question:

Checkpoint:  List the planets in order from smallest to largest.  Be sure to use the Fact charts to get their sizes (or look at the guided inquiry at the beginning of the chapter.

Now check out the videos on Pluto and Eris. 


Eris and the Kuiper Belt

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