Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break packet, Day 1

Hi guys,

So my wonderful plan to share how to do this packet was scuttled by my computer.  It died yesterday and is off to Upper Marlboro to be fixed.  That means that I can't post daily like I wanted to.  So I'll hit today and tomorrow and update every two days rather than every day.

Day 1

I say to problems 1-3 since they are all related.  Easy stuff IF you read the label and the instructions!!

1.  The key here is how many total calories are there in THIS BOX.  If you check the label then you'll notice that this box doesn't just have one serving.  It has "about 4".  That means that you have to multiply the 130 calories by 4!  Don't think that just 130 is the correct answer!!

2.  More of the same only with protein.  Remember, this box has 4 servings!  So you have to find the total about of protein in each serving and multiply by 4 to get what's in the WHOLE BOX.

3.  Finally, something different.  This takes a little looking because the label talks about servings but this problem talks about CUPS! Don't freak.  Just go back to the label and see the serving size again.  It tells you that a serving size is 1/4 cup.  Once you get that then this problem is a breeze. She eats two servings, so figure out what that looks like in fractional form.  Don't let the answer choices confuse you.  Three of the four are just silly if you remember how to do fractions! Only one makes sense and it's the answer!

See you Sunday for the next few problems!

Mr. C

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