Friday, September 9, 2016

Hop in, say "hi, and look at the posts below

Hey 4th Grade,

Glad to see so many of you were able to get your email accounts up and going. Please take a moment to comment below and say "hi". Also be sure to check out the links in the post below because some of them will help you with your presentation on Friday.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the blog!

Mr. C


  1. Just make a quick comment here. Say "hi", tell me something about your weekend, or just whatever comes to mind.

    Remember though: Be respectful because this blog isn't going anywhere anytime soon and your friends and parents may stop by to see what we're up to. Make sure you show your best side on-line.

    Mr. C

  2. hi mr case i am dalia saying that i am working on my project have a nice day

    1. Hi Dalia, glad to see you here! Good luck on your project!

      Mr. C