Saturday, September 17, 2016

Social Studies Unit 1, Lesson 2: Local Government

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Great job on all of the wonderful projects that we saw on Friday. All of them showed lots of effort and imagination. Keep up the good work!

This week we are moving from talking about the state government and are moving down to the local level. Local governments are the governments that control a smaller location. States in the United States are split into large areas, usually rural locations, called counties.  Prince George's County is such a place. These counties include smaller, but heavily populated locations called cities (like College Park). Counties and cities are very similar in that they have governments, police departments, libraries, school systems (especially in large cities like Baltimore and Washington), and other services.

So for this lesson we will be looking at cities and counties in general, and at Prince George's County and the City of College Park in particular.

As you do your reading and research be sure to answer these questions in your journal:

1. What is a county?
2. What is a city?
3. How are they a like? How are they different?
4. Why is there a need two have these two levels of government?
5. What would life be like if we didn't have local governments like these?
6. Who are the leaders of PG County and College Park? What do they do for their residents?

The cool thing about this level of government is that you might actually be able to talk to these people! Make an effort to reach out and talk to them if you can.

Here are some links to get you going.

PG County

A basic search: PG County
Wikipedia: PG County
The government's site: Site
A link to PG County's government YouTube channel: Link

I'll be putting up information on College Park later today!

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