Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chapter 7, Lesson 3: Fighting Communicable Diseases

Why Learn This?  You can use what you learn about preventing disease to promote health at home and at school.  In other words, you can use this knowledge to stay healthy!

Today we're going to learn how your body fights disease and what you can do to help it!

To get ready for today go watch this video:

What are germs?

Now turn to page 166-167 and read.  Be sure to jot down these vocabulary words:

immune system

Make sure you know what these words mean before I call time.

Also be sure to look at the diagram at the bottom of the page called "The Body's Defenses".  

Now read pp. 168-169.  As you read make a list of things you can do to avoid diseases!  Be ready to share them.

Finally read over pp. 170-171.  Jot down and define this vocabulary word:


Answer this question:  why do schools require children to get vaccinated (get vaccines) before they can come to school?  Be ready to share your answer with the class. 

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