Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chapter 8, Lesson 1 Minerals and Rocks

Hi guys,

Over the last few days we've been looking at different types of rocks.  Do you remember what they were?

Now today we're going to be looking at what rocks are made of.  Today when you're done you should be able to tell me what minerals are.

Be sure to check out the pictures too!

1.  Before you start watching videos go to your textbook and look for a definition for these words:

Minerals (p.239)
Luster (p.240)

So open your textbook and look these vocabulary words up, write them into your STEM journal.

2.  Now go ahead and look at these two videos:

This video is a quick introduction about what minerals are.  It's pretty short but be sure to take good notes!

This video is pretty silly, but Max does a pretty good job about telling you how minerals and rocks are related.

3.  No go here and check what you know with the Minerals Quiz!  

Minerals Quiz!

You can set-up an account if you want to or you can take the quiz without an account.  It's up to you and the account is free!.

4.  You're done, now take the exit ticket quiz. Come see me to take it.

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