Sunday, October 11, 2015


Before you get started, go watch this video!


Now open your books to page p. 234-235.  Jot down the list of vocabulary words and work with your team to define them or tell what you know about them.

sedimentary rock
igneous rock
metamorphic rock

Once you've done this turn to page 236.  Read over the Direct Inquiry and pick a materials manager, time keeper, technician, and a recorder.

The materials manager is responsible for keeping up with the materials, collecting them, passing them out, and putting everything away.
The timekeeper's job is to keep an eye on the time.  This inquiry should only take 20 minutes so the timekeeper needs to keep things moving along.
The technician should handle the minerals and group them with the team deciding with the tech where the minerals go.  The tech should be the only person actually handling the minerals.
The recorder is responsible for writing the team's response to the BCR:  How did you classify the samples?

You'll only have about 20 minutes to complete this inquiry.

When the time is up the recorder should turn in the inquiry organizer, the materials manager should return the experiment tray, and everyone else should clean and organize their area.

Have a great time!

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